Cheap VPS Webhosting under 5 USD

This article is about a selection of companies that offer cheap vps server under 5 USD. First of all, i want to warn you that these cheap vps packages arn’t 100% stable and shouldn’t be used to store your main money sites or sites with heavy traffic. These webhosting packages should be used for testing purposes or to host sites that are used for linkbuilding purposes only.

Remember that it’s not an easy job to set up a vps hosting properly, there are many security settings that should be configures to make sure nobody can breach into your system. If you have the knowledge, keep reading, if you want to learn everything about setting up a webserver check this tutorial on how to configure a centos webserver. Otherwise i would suggest getting shared webhosting.

Cheap VPS Servers

Remember that these packages are budget vps packages and are best used with a 32-bit operating system. Yes 64-bit is faster but it uses more resources and wouldn’t be the ideal setup on a lowend vps with 512 RAM or less. Also keep in mind that some control panels use a lot of memory, such as Directadmin or Cpanel.

If you know some better offer be free to drop in a comment bellow, especialy some cheap1024 RAM VPS packages.